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If the state cannot prove that you were in actual control of the vehicle they will not be able to convict you for a DUI.

Depends…as the attorneys stated if it is in Fulton it could be up to 2 years. However, depending on your criminal history, your attorney could negotiate your case going into the pretrial diversion program before getting into a courtroom where your case would eventually be dismissed.

You should consult first with an attorney before speaking with the insurance adjuster. If you decide to talk to an insurance adjuster please use extreme caution and be careful what you say. The only case where you should do so is in a minor accident with less than $1000 in personal and/or property damages and you are positive you do not have serious injuries.

The statute of limitations means that any lawsuit arising from an accident or injury must be filed within a certain period, or you will no longer be able to file a lawsuit and receive compensation. The statute of limitations in Georgia is two years.

If you are a passenger in a car and are hurt in a car accident, your legal case is usually easier than for either driver. This is because you do not have to prove liability to be compensated for your injuries.

Many personal injury victims think they cannot afford to hire a personal injury attorney. They are often surprised to discover that the attorney’s payment is structured so you do not pay upfront costs, and so that your interests are aligned with theirs. Attorneys fees are contingent on whether you receive a settlement or judgement in your case.

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